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This document describes general terms and conditions (the “General Terms and Conditions”) and privacy policies (the “Privacy Policies”) that apply to the access and uses of the offered services of Buy in Colombia (“the Services”) on the website and/or other related domains (urls); (called from here on “Buy in Colombia” or “the site”) where these Terms and Conditions meet. Any person who wants to access and/or subscribe and/or use the Site can do it under the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policies; together with all the other policies and principals that rule Buy in Colombia and are directly incorporated to this document or are referred, explained and/or detailed on different Site sections. Consequently, every visit, contract and transaction made on this Site, including its legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to applicable legislation in Colombia, south America.

The Terms and conditions and Privacy Policies contented on this document will apply and are understood as essential for every action and contracts executed by the offer and commercialization systems of the site. This between the site users and Buy in Colombia (also indistinctively known as “the Company”).

The User most read, accept and understand the conditions set in Buy in Colombia General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policies and other referred documents before registering as User in Buy in Colombia. This applies for any product acquisition and/or information given for any purpose.

Making use of Buy in Colombia’s site implies accepting in its all understanding the conditions set on the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. By the usage of the Site and/or its services the user agrees to expressly comply with them, and not being able to claim ignorance of such General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.


The Services are only available for adults with financial and legal capacity to acquire estate in Colombia. Underage people and without such capability will not be allowed to make use of the Services; any action taken by them on the Site will be responsibility of the parents, mentor, attendant or whoever oversees the person, and it will be understood as them on legal representation. Whoever registers under a company’s name most have the capability to purchase in the company’s name and subject it to the terms on this agreement.


User and interested potential buyer must fill entirely the registration form with valid information to be contacted by Buy in Colombia. User will also receive additional information about the estate they are interested in and will be able to schedule a visit to the estate. User must use true, accurate and personal information to complete the form (“Personal Information”); user also compromises to update information whenever is needed. Buy in Colombia will be able to use diverse sources to identify its Users. Buy in Colombia will NOT take responsibility of the Personal Information assurance provided by the Users. This Site does not require passwords or allows users to access internal platforms; Buy in Colombia is considered an open window for real estate publishing in Colombia with restricted access to posts.

The real estate published on Buy in Colombia have been visited before posting; its titles have been studied and it counts with the owner’s approval to post pictures and videos of its property on the Site. Owners have NO access to the platforms, which means they cannot edit or manage the estates information; it can only be done by the manager of the Site or by written request to their real estate adviser. Therefore, Users or potential buyers have no access to post or modify Site’s information as it is a view only publication, anyway, they can contact Buy in Colombia’s team via contact form, e-mail or phone call to the number on Home button of the Site.


Buy in Colombia can modify the Terms and Conditions at any time and will published modifications on the Site. Every modified term will be effective 10 (ten) days after posting. During the 5 (five) days after modifications are posted the User must send an e-mail by clicking here if they do not accept the modifications; in that case the contractual link will dissolved, and they will be disabled as User. After the 5 (five) days period it is understood that User accepts the updated terms and the contractual link is still valid for both parts.


The purchase or acquisition of the estates in Colombia must be done in person as it is required in Colombian Law such as signature of trading promise and deed. This unless the buyer or seller grant a third party the power by notarized and authenticated permission. Therefor, the potential buyer must travel to Colombia and do the estate purchase with Buy in Colombia assistance. This assistance includes the study of titles and both the buyer and the seller background. The seller must also demand their banking entity to study and anallice of the resources to be use in the purchase; avoiding receiving money from illicit activities.


The prices for the estates offered on the Site are in American Dollars (USD) unless it clarifies a different currency. The prices may change if the property owner request it to Buy in Colombia. The prices offered are for the property itself and they do not include notaries, taxes or any added fees to the currency conversion. Also, every monetary transaction must be always done through banking entities monitored by Colombian government; always respecting and obeying Colombian legislation, together with the financial statutes that seek transparency and legality of transactions.


Buy in Colombia will do its best for and uninterrupted transmission and bug free. Anyway, it cannot be guaranteed since internet’s nature is unexpected. In that order of ideas, the Site access may occasionally be restricted or suspended to do repairs, maintenance or introduce new services.


This agreement will be governed and interpreted by Colombian laws without initiating any law conflicts. If any condition on this Terms and Conditions is declared illegal, presents a gap or for any reason does not apply it will have to be interpreted under its frame and in any case, will not affect the validation or applicability of the rest of the conditions.


Any comment, question or claim regarding the previous Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies or the executions of them must be notified in writing to the following address: Calle 168 A no. 58 A -16 Bogota, Colombia.

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