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Colombia, very close to record of international travelers

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In 2010 Colombia received 2 and a half million foreign visitors. In 2016, the number rose to more than 5 million, which means a 95% growth. If this growing trend continues in 2017 Colombia would have received more than six and a half million foreign tourists.

“Foreign visitors grew 95% in six years,” was the announcement of the vice minister of tourism, Sandra Howard Taylor, during the presentation of accounts presented by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in the month of November.

According to this same entity Colombia has grown 95% the number of foreign visitors in the last 6 years; from 2.6 million in 2010 to end 2016 with more than 5 million. Throughout 2017 Colombia has received 4.5 million foreign visitors, which means a growth of 27.4% compared to the same period last year; so, if this trend continues we can say that 2017 will close with more 6.4 million foreign visitors, a record, at least, in the last 6 years.

A very good reason to attract visitors from other nations to buy and invest in Colombia is thanks to the positioning and scaling of large hotel chains. The impact of this economy sector is also reflected in its work force, since, to date, it employs more than 1.8 million people. Thanks to the advertising campaign ‘It’s Colombia’s time. Sure you will love it ‘ the ministry seeks to further enhance the visit of foreign tourists to Colombia.

All the above with a thought of preservation through sustainable tourism, which is ideal for practices such as bird watching, in which the country has enormous potential as it is the first worldwide in diversity of these animals. In turn, many tourists visiting Colombia make the decision to buy and invest in real estate in Colombia, thanks to the countless opportunities, low prices and multiple options both in the city and the countryside that offers style, tranquility and quality of life.

A good opportunity will always be to invest in Colombia in real estate, and this is an excellent time to do it. Buy in Colombia invites you to know the different options and choose the one you like the most to live peacefully in Colombia.

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