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Guatavita: a town to fall in love with forever

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In Buy in Colombia we show all the advantages that investors will have when they decide to buy real estate in Colombia. This time we want to tell you the wonders of a town called Guatavita: Guatavita , also known as “Guatavita la Nueva”, it’s located in the department of Cundinamarca.

A town with colonial buildings and relatively new. It has the architecture style of the old era. Something curious about Guatavita’s history was the flooding of the town and reconstruction of the new one in the high part of the mountain. The old Guatavita was flooded to give way to the Tominé dam and it was rebuilt nearby in the 60s. Currently, when the water level of the dam is low the ruins can be seen on the surface.

The authorities and their inhabitants knew that they had to preserve the colonial aspect when building the houses, and thus maintain the magic and unique style of the town. They made sure that all the residents occupied a house, without any staying outside. The architecture of the town and its details are in great shape thanks to its inhabitants’ care; which gives Guatavita a great tourist fortress with a diversity of restaurants, handicrafts shops and plans to enjoy a wonderful stay. Surrounding the town, you can enjoy a variety of extreme sports and outdoors activities highlighting paragliding and mountain biking.

In the reservoir all kinds of water sports, sports fishing; by water camping and hiking are allowed without guidance needed. The Tominé reservoir was built to help control the water volume of the Bogotá River in relation to the needs of the Salto del Tequendama hydroelectric dam; stopping floods in the Sabana and supplying water at the Tibitó plant for the Bogota aqueduct. Boat ride service is provided, and when the water is low tourists are taken to observe the old town.

The town is divided in two parts: a family area that is a set of symmetrical houses where the population lives; the second part is where government buildings, plazas, warehouses, restaurants and churches are located. There is also an area of neighboring farms with majestic and large modern houses. The security and the incredible landscapes are part of the daily life in Guatavita. Architecture is something that should not go unnoticed. The church keeps an interesting story about its construction. Another beautiful place is the civic square known its by engravings and symbols in stone that can be seen with the naked eye; you can also attend the Parochial Museum, where important relics of the town are located.

Other very beautiful places to visit are the Cemetery and the Indigenous Museum. On the gastronomy, the desserts stand out, the trout and dishes prepared with lamb. Buy in Colombia invites you to come to Guatavita, to know its wonders and to let yourself fall in love with this fantastic town. Of course, we invite you to buy Colombia real estate in Colombia.

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