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Colombia: the perfect country to enjoy your retirement

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Every day more foreigners choose Colombia to spend sunny days; invest and buy real estate in Colombia, and to find rest and tranquility and to find a lifestyle with low prices. Colombia is a country that offers many advantages to retired foreigners and jubilates who look for a quiet life with cheap prices and good doctors.

In 2015, the American magazine International Living, specializing in information for seniors, ranked Colombia in eighth place on the list of ‘ideal’ nations for foreign retirees. Colombia obtained a score of 85.4 out of 100, where real estate, entertainment, cost of living, ease of adaptation, infrastructure, medicine and climate were evaluated. At the same time, USA Today, The Huffington Post and The Christian Science Monitor confirm it: Colombia is an emerging destination for thousands of Americans, Canadians and Europeans who seek rest after retiring. Incredible: between 2005 and 2012 the number of foreigners who claimed US social security checks in Colombia increased 87 percent.

And the book ‘Expat guide to move & retirement’ by Russell Freeman talks to Americans who want to retire in Colombia. A reason to choose Colombia as a retirement country to invests in real estate. Kathleen Peddicord, president of Live and Invest Overseas, told SEMANA magazine: “About six or seven years ago we started paying attention to Colombia, Medellín in particular. The country goes through the same as Panama two decades ago. At that time many thought it was crazy to live in the country of Manuel Noriega, today is one of the top destinations. Now there is more and more interest in Colombia. Fear for drug trafficking and Pablo Escobar is being left behind”.

Many retirees look for a good climate. And in Colombia, the sun shines most of the year, together with its mountainous geography that allows a variety of temperatures. You can go from the fresh breeze of Santa Marta to the heat of Melgar or Girardot, or the cold and incredible landscapes of Guasca and Guatavita.

Plenty of options when deciding destinations to live; retire and buy real estate in Colombia. Colombia enjoys a diversity of large and medium cities with good alternatives of clinics, culture and architecture. Every time the internet reaches more remote sites, and small towns now have all the basic services and relaxation options for foreigners. Also, Colombian medicine is very cost-effective compared to the United States. One of the keys to Colombia’s success is its people: good talkers; happy and charitable; they enjoy life, laugh a lot, are friendly and have a simple life with many friends, which for foreigners is usually strange but attractive.

There is another feature that draws the attention of foreigners: retirees want to optimize their retirement pension to the maximum and in Colombia they get more profits: for those who earn in euros or dollar Colombia is very cheap. In Colombia you can a comfortable life with $ 1,200 USD a month; while in the United States reaches to survive. The journalist Michael Evans of International Living affirmed: “we live a life of rich people, without spending fortunes”.

Retirement is a reason to look for a better lifestyle in Colombia and invest in real estate. Colombia is an excellent destination to come and enjoy live. The times of war are over, the signing of peace is a fact. Hundreds of foreigners enter this wonderful country every month in search of a new and better life. That’s why Buy in Colombia offers you several options for you to find the house of your dreams and enjoy amazing places. Come to Colombia! Enjoy our country and invest in real estate in Colombia.

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