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5 reasons to travel and fall in love with Colombia

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The dream: enjoy and invests in real estate in Colombia

Buy in Colombia travel Colombia

In Buy in Colombia we love telling you why Colombia is a wonderful country. Thousands of foreigners have been in love with this country and many of them have decided to live here and invest in real estate in Colombia.
So, we will recount to you why Colombia is your next destination and the place to enjoy full years of joy color and much flavor:

1. A privileged geographic position: Colombia has a strategic geographical position. It is located in the middle of the American continent and on the equator. This allows it to be the gateway to South America; the connection to the rest of the continent and to Asia, Africa and Europe. In addition, you can enjoy a pleasant tropical climate all year long; there are no weather stations. Colombia has many options of places to buy and invest in real estate in Colombia.

2. The kindness of its people: Colombian people are kind and willing to help. They are passionate and full of joy. Colombia has many cultures and different thoughts; there are different thoughts and dreams. What Colombians do have in common is that joy of welcoming foreigners; to be great hosts and make others feel welcome.

3. We are the country of the biodiversity: Colombia is the second country with more biodiversity on the planet and the first one in bird fauna; orchids and palm trees. In Colombia you will find many cultural expressions and history; a variety of museums; fairs; festivals and cultural shows. And a wide gastronomic option. Our country has a wonderful mix of modern and colonial architecture; history and culture. We have different sports and adventures. Ecotourism sun and beach are also in that list. Another reason to buy and invest in real estate in Colombia.

4. The land of delicious coffee: if you want to deeply know the land where the best coffee in the world is produced we invite you to enter the magic of the Coffee Triangle. Live within its three regions is a complete coffee experience; you will discover the beauty of this region; between landscapes full of coffee plantations and a dedicated prosperous peasant village, that offers to the world hospitality in its large houses and coffee farms.

5. Gastronomy: Colombian gastronomy is as diverse as its regions because of the ethnic variety and cultural contributions of the Indians, Spaniards, Africans and Arabs. Each region has its own gastronomic specialty based on the natural resources of the area, which allows the preparation of exquisite dishes based on: meat, potato, beans and corn. In the Andean Region you will find seafood, bananas and cassava. In the Caribbean region: rice, lentils. On the Pacific Coast you will find fish and in the Orinoquía, there you will find beef and cassava.
Do you want to know more about our country? We invite you to follow our posts in Buy in Colombia, so you can continue to fall in love with this beautiful land. Come enjoy and decide to invest and buy real estate in Colombia.

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