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We are an international web site of promotion and real estate consultancy. We provide the connection between local vendors and international buyers; those who dream of living in the country with the coffee aroma, wonderful landscapes and friendly people. We have the house of your dreams, and the land to build
your home. We have the place where you will enjoy your best days. A great deal of real estate Colombia. Everything is here in Colombia.

  • We are specialized in our country properties which offer quality of life; excellent locations, beautiful landscapes and unique spaces.
  • All the properties offered by Buy in Colombia have been rigorously studied and are ready for sale.
  • We are completely aware of the areas where the properties we offer are located for you to have the right price.
  • Our experience in advertising and digital marketing makes us unique. We show the beauty and advantages of the places published in high quality and professional videos.
  • We connect foreign investors with brands and companies that provide different services. To create a more comfortable visit and to get the best experience.
  • Because in Colombia we have managed to end an internal war. A peace agreement was signed, and security has improved in many geographic areas.
  • Colombia has a lower cost of living than many countries. You can buy an excellent property at a lower price and live a great life with less monetary income.
  • In Colombia you can enjoy several different climates throughout the year; within walking distances and not having to wait months you can enjoy the heat or the cold.
  • Near the big cities you will find tourist sites and small towns. These last once have a great offer of real estate with reasonable prices and quietness.
  1. You must request or update your passport; also consult health agencies about required vaccination for entering Colombia.
  2. Arrange itinerary and baggage according on the places you would visit. If guidance or recommendations are needed Buy in Colombia can help you.
  3. Inform Buy in Colombia the date in which you would visit the real estate. If hotel services, transportation, tourist guide or food are needed you can check our allied companies in Colombia.
  4. Enjoy and get to know our gastronomy while learning all you can about our language.

You can write to us telling us what you have in mind and what you want to find. Our commercial team will help you look for our dream house.

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