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Why buy real estate in Colombia?

The reasons, according to experts, for you to make your decision to live and come to enjoy a wonderful country

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Invest and buy real estate in Colombia? There is much information on the internet that talks about the advantages, and even disadvantages, of investing in Colombia, due to its characteristics and current situation. Buy inColombia wants to show you what are the strongest reasons for you to decide for Colombia and come to a country where there are more opportunities than in other nations to invest in real estate:

  • According to the daily EL TIEMPO, the country is one of the most attractive in Latin America for local and international capital, which sees not only a good investment climate, but also a substantial improvement of this next year under the process of peace that brings a new era of trust and truth. Great reason to buy in Colombia!
  • The spokespersons of the fiduciary industry gathered in September at the 5th annual congress of the sector held in Cartagena and considered the largest institutional investors in the country, since they do not in vain handle resources close to 470 billion pesos, of which 260 billions are invested in the capital market, affirm that the worst has passed and what is now is the consolidation of the economic fundamentals (EL TIEMPO, 2017).
  • “Colombia continues to be a benchmark in Latin America, Peru and Chile, and despite the oil situation of the last three years, we maintain growth above 1 percent, when many believed that this would be negative. That is what the outside investor sees. The signing of the peace also see it very positive, beyond the political issue. We see a more solid country, “said José Mauricio Wandurraga, CEO of BBVA Fiduciaria (EL TIEMPO, 2017). In this way Colombia is an excellent option to invest and buy real estate.
  • “In the Latin American context Colombia has very positive prospects and continues to be attractive to international investors. One knows that there are fiscal concerns among some, but TES holdings are high because the country’s attractiveness continues and the vision of seriousness continues in the eyes of those investors, “said Juan Manuel Velasco, executive vice president of BTG Pactual (EL TIEMPO, 2017).
  • According to the AIESEC web portal, Colombia is one of the countries that make up the Pacific Alliance and investing or doing business in Colombia may have advantages that you may not have known. Currently Colombia, according to the Doing Business study of the World Bank is in the 53rd place to do business on a global level and the second in Latin America, just behind Mexico.
  • Attractive economic environment: According to the ProColombia portal, GDP in recent years has grown by an average of 4.8%, while in 2014 alone grew by 4.6%, above the 1.3% estimated for the region . In the same way, in 2014, the middle class represented 30% of the population (AIESEC, 2017).
  • According to this portal, Colombia has ten trade agreements and three partial agreements, giving access to more than 45 countries, including markets such as the United States, Mexico, the European Union or Peru (AIESEC, 2017) . Buy in Colombia, a great opportunity to find quality of life.
  • Easy to open a business: according to Doing Business, Colombia is the nineteenth country in the world where it is easier to start a business. In Colombia, only six processes have to be carried out to start a business, which takes nine days, well above the eight processes and 31 days that, on average, are required in the region (AIESEC, 2017).
  • Opportunities for doing business: the ProColombia web portal indicates three major areas to invest in this country: agroindustry, the manufacturing sector and services. Colombia is a great country to buy and invest in real estate.
  • Agribusiness, in recent years has generated close to 6.2% of GDP and Colombia is the fourth country in Latin America in the availability of land for agricultural production; in the field of manufacturing, has the third most efficient industry in the region and the third largest labor force in Latin America; while in the services sector, it has the best qualified labor force in Latin America, according to the World Competitiveness Report and there are more than 150,000 graduates in areas related to administration and engineering (AIESEC, 2017).
  • Great geographic location: Colombia enjoys a privileged geographic location: it is a mid-point between South America and North and Central America, and also has access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Likewise, Colombia borders on five different countries: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Panama, making Colombia an ideal export country (AIESEC, 2017).
  • A competitive country: The world Competitiveness 2016 study, Colombia is among the most competitive countries in the world, in 61st place, for factors such as confidence in professional management, high levels of professional enrollment (AIESEC, 2017).
  • Since 2006, Colombia has a National Competitiveness System that coordinates activities between government, civil society, academia and the private sector in economic development and productivity. This system has recently been merged with the science, technology and innovation system to achieve greater progress on the agenda and achieve the eleven objectives of the competitiveness agenda (AIESEC, 2017).

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