And what would happen if you changed your sports car to a tractor? Or what if one day you stop wearing the same boring dresses and put on your boots and hat? Isn’t it a chance to give a twist to what’s got you so bored? So here’s something you might be interested in:

Hidden among forests, mountains and rivers lies this generously sized estate, with a gift of nature to wear and care: lots, lots of water! In these 22 acres you will have 2 aqueducts and three reservoirs of water, which supply the crops that currently their owners are about to collect the harvest. This land is a marvel, full of life, colors and sensations that can be your next life project.

This treasure of land is located 35-40 minutes from Guatavita, the climate is perfect for crops like the potato, and while the land produces you can enjoy the scenery, improve the country house or walk the natural forest of forest reserve found in the same Property. There are internal trails that will take you to amazing places with wonderful scenery that you can live closely without moving from your place, of your new investment in real estate in Colombia.

It is important to know that of the 22 acres, approximately 10 are natural forest or forest reserve that you can not affect or modify, because it is this same forest that carries water to your reservoirs and with which you can keep your crops. However the rest of the land you can take advantage of doing country activities.

Why don’t you come, just know and maybe you fall in love without limits of this place? You do not lose much and you will earn enough, starting with more than 90000 m2 of land just for you, the place where your dreams grow and bear fruit. That’s Buy in Colombia.

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